Thursday, July 07, 2011

Me and My ipad 2

Finally purchased the ipad 2. A lovely piece of hardware, with matching software.

I had always dreamt of a device like this, even before it was conceptualized by the creators, when I discovered digital comics in 2005.

Since I came to know about a proto-type tablet device by PixelQi in 2006, I always craved for one.

Then came iPad and changed the equation. It didn’t helped that it was out of reach in India.

Then came a slew of pretenders – Galaxy Tab 7” included. When I was checking it out in a local Samsung store, I nearly dropped it when the salesman quoted Rs 38k for it …. Later the price came down to 24k, but by then I was lusting after notion ink adam (by an Indian start-up firm).

But sadly, Adam was delayed and then when it came out, it was too buggy for my liking and the cost was also too high.

Then iPad 2 was launched in India, I also came to know about Acer Iconia Tab A500 and Asus Transformer T101.

Then started an extensive period of research … thanks to google, I read all I could about iOS 4.3 and Andriod 3 (OS for Acer and Asus).

I read all the reviews, had detailed analysis about pros and cons of these devices and finally decided – I will have an iPad 2.

Then came the hardest part – convincing my better half, why I need it …. An extensive brainwashing session of two weeks, followed by 2 visits to nearby eZone store for hands on experience finally got me the go-ahead.

Wait … there was one more hurdle. eZone’s stock has exhausted and they do not know when the next lot will come. For Mitali – no problem, wait until they have a new stock. For me – no way, I want it as soon as possible. A phone call to Apple shop in CITI center 2 clinched the deal. Only 8 more pieces remains of 16 gb wi-fi ipad 2. A day of moping around in home and finally last Saturday morning @9.30 I got the permission to buy one.

By 10.40 I was out of home, by 11.45 I am in apple showroom, by 12 I have a shiny black ipad 2 in my hand.

By 13.30 I am at home, by 13.45 the ipad is in Mitali’s clutches (ha ha ha)

Fantastic device for me to :
1. Watch all my downloaded movies (by a downloaded app)
2. Read my comics (again a downloaded app)
Listening to my music by iTunes.
4.Play Angry Birds HD (I am at level 5, my wife at level 7)

Aur kya chahiye :)

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