Thursday, July 21, 2011


Maa go amay chhuti dite bol, sokal theke code korchhi je mela...

ekhon ami bheri-r dhare bose korbo shudhu, adda-adda khela...

tumi bolchho ei office eli sobe, nahoy jeno sotti holo tai...

Ekdin-o national holiday chhara, amader ki chhuti dite nai...

...ami to besh bhabte pari mone,surji dube gechhe nolboner pashe...

aro sob office-er meye-ra ese bhir jomabe bheri-r dhare boshe...

andhar holo sector-5, kalo hoye elo bheri-r jol...

auto-bus-e barchhe dekhi bhir, klanto deho shanti-te chanchal...

...mone korona uthlo sanjher taara,mone koro na sandhye holo jeno...

asar time fixed jodi hobe, ferar somoy fixed hobe na keno??

Bhagwan dukhiyaaron ka sunta hai

Swarg ke dwaar pe 3 log khade thhey.

God : Sirf 1 hi andar ja sakta hai....

1st : Main Brahmin hoon, sari umar aapki seva ki hai. Swarg pe mera haque hai....

2nd : Main Doctor hoon, sari umar logo ki seva ki hai. Swarg pe mera haque hai....

3rd : Maine SIRF IT mein JOB KIYA HAI.... ......

God : aage kuch mat bol.... Rulaayega kya pagle..? Andar aa ja......... Tera forwarded mails, follow-ups, bench pe 2 saal, night shifts, PM se panga, CTC se zaada deductions, pick-up drop ka lafda , Ladki na milne ki frustrations, client meetings, delivery dates, week ends mein kaam etc etc…. mere ko senti kar diya yaar…..aja jaldi andar aja…

Thursday, July 07, 2011

Me and My ipad 2

Finally purchased the ipad 2. A lovely piece of hardware, with matching software.

I had always dreamt of a device like this, even before it was conceptualized by the creators, when I discovered digital comics in 2005.

Since I came to know about a proto-type tablet device by PixelQi in 2006, I always craved for one.

Then came iPad and changed the equation. It didn’t helped that it was out of reach in India.

Then came a slew of pretenders – Galaxy Tab 7” included. When I was checking it out in a local Samsung store, I nearly dropped it when the salesman quoted Rs 38k for it …. Later the price came down to 24k, but by then I was lusting after notion ink adam (by an Indian start-up firm).

But sadly, Adam was delayed and then when it came out, it was too buggy for my liking and the cost was also too high.

Then iPad 2 was launched in India, I also came to know about Acer Iconia Tab A500 and Asus Transformer T101.

Then started an extensive period of research … thanks to google, I read all I could about iOS 4.3 and Andriod 3 (OS for Acer and Asus).

I read all the reviews, had detailed analysis about pros and cons of these devices and finally decided – I will have an iPad 2.

Then came the hardest part – convincing my better half, why I need it …. An extensive brainwashing session of two weeks, followed by 2 visits to nearby eZone store for hands on experience finally got me the go-ahead.

Wait … there was one more hurdle. eZone’s stock has exhausted and they do not know when the next lot will come. For Mitali – no problem, wait until they have a new stock. For me – no way, I want it as soon as possible. A phone call to Apple shop in CITI center 2 clinched the deal. Only 8 more pieces remains of 16 gb wi-fi ipad 2. A day of moping around in home and finally last Saturday morning @9.30 I got the permission to buy one.

By 10.40 I was out of home, by 11.45 I am in apple showroom, by 12 I have a shiny black ipad 2 in my hand.

By 13.30 I am at home, by 13.45 the ipad is in Mitali’s clutches (ha ha ha)

Fantastic device for me to :
1. Watch all my downloaded movies (by a downloaded app)
2. Read my comics (again a downloaded app)
Listening to my music by iTunes.
4.Play Angry Birds HD (I am at level 5, my wife at level 7)

Aur kya chahiye :)

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Cricinfo - Test Matches - Complete List

Cricinfo - Test Matches - Complete List

Cricinfo - ODI Matches - Complete List

Cricinfo - ODI Matches - Complete List

World Cup 2007 - Group League Matches

13th March 2007
West Indies 241 for 9 in 50 overs (Samuels 63, Sarwan 49, Lara 37, Anjum 3-44, Gul 2-38, Hafeez 2-39) beat Pakistan 187 in 47.2 overs(Malik 62, Yusuf 37, Inzamam 36, Smith 3-36, Bravo 3-42) by 54 runs
Player of the Match : Dwyane Smith - 32 off 15 balls , 3-36

14th March 2007
Australia 334 for 6 in 50 overs (Ponting 113 - 93 balls, Hayden 60, Gilchrist 46, Hogg 40* - 15 balls, Haq 2-49) beat Scotland 131 in 40.1 overs (Smith 51, Macgrath 3-14, Tait 2-45) by 203 runs
Player of the Match : Ricky Ponting

Kenya 203 for 3 in 43.2 overs (Tikolo 72*, Ouma 58, Mishra 35*) beat Canada 199 in 50 overs (Barnett 41, Billcliff 34, Dhaniram 34, Kamande 2-25, Tikolo 2-34) by 7 wickets
Player of the Match : Steve Tikolo

15th March 2007
Srilanka 321 for 6 in 50 overs (Jayawardane 85, Sangakkara 76, Chamara Silva 55* , Hurdle 2-61, Mukkudem 2-50) beat Bermuda 78 in 24.4 overs (Maharoof 4-23, Malinga 3-10, Murali 2-28) by 243 runs
Player of the Match : Mahela Jayawardane

Ireland 221 for 9 in 50 overs (Bray 115* - carried bat, Chigumbura 2-21, Brent 2-40 , Mpofu 2-58) tied with Zimbabwe 221 in 50 overs (Matsikenyari 73*, Sibanda 67, McCallan 2-56)
Player of the Match : Jeremy Bray

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

World Cup 2007 - First salvo

WOW !!!! Cricket World Cup 2007 starts today. The biggest sporting bonanza (discounting Soccer World Cup, Olympics, Asian Games, Super Bowl etc) ever !!!!
Today The Host West Indians face off a similar mercurial team Pakistan in the opening match of this 9th edition of the world cup.
Shall we discuss the participating teams' prospects ???
1. We Indians are so much crazy about this event that inspite of having no chance of proceeding even to the semifinals [remind me to eat my non-existent hat if we , by some fluke manage to reach the semifinals, remind me to put my foot in my mouth if we reach the finals like we did in 2003. What if we win the cup like 1983 ??? What if pigs have wings ??? ]
2. Bangladesh - whose chance of winning this trophy is similar to a snowflake's chance of surviving in Hell - they'd be happy to win their match against Bermuda.
3. Pakistan - they can win this tournament, provided their top, middle and lower order batting clicks, their so-called fast bowlers doesn't give out too many extra deliveries and Inzy and Mohammed Yusuf doesn't run themselves or other partners out, or Shahid Afridi remembers to put the white cherry regularly beyond the boundary or .... too many factors. Forget it.
4. Srilanka - Their openers are in tremendous form, their middle order is not. But not to worry. If Jayasurya gets his guns blazing and Murali gets those doosras spinning and W.P.J.U.C. Vaas gets those yorkers right, voila !!!! repeat 1996.
5. Australia - World Champions Three times over, currently in a 5 match loosing streak. They will bounce back, but I seriously doubt how much would they bounce in WestIndian pitches ....
6. South Africa - Semifinalist for sure, finalist ? Maybe. Winners ? check my comments for India
7. New Zealand - Super 8 is the limit - can't survive for long in West Indian pitches.
8. West Indies - The Host - See my comments for India
9. England - See my comments for Newzealand
10. Kenya - Forget 2003 performance. 2007 is a different ball-game
11. Zimababwe now is at par with the other 5 minnows - they are there to provide valuable match practice and bolster batting averages of the super eighters ...

Anything more to write ? No ?
well then, that's that ... keep watching this space for daily match results and brief score.
p.s. any body reads this blog ?